COOLING PRONGS '316' cassette
COOLING PRONGS '316' cassette
COOLING PRONGS '316' cassette

COOLING PRONGS '316' cassette

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While most know the experimental hip hop group clipping. as a trio, deep fans consider Christopher Fleeger aka Cooling Prongs to be their unofficial 4th member. Handling the heavy lifting for clipping.'s extensive field recording work and typically found offstage emulating these sounds and feeding them to the band on stage, Cooling Prongs is a master at combining musique concrete and pop music. His new solo album explores this wild territory in depth and shows off his love for rich vocal harmonies that would even make Sparks jealous. Plus he wears a cute pink cowboy hat. What else could you ask for?

1. Verbicide (ft Kevin Blechdom)
2. Acousmites (ft. Kurt Harland Larson)
3. Californiaz Gold
4. Things To Do
5. Warmer Brain
6. Get Numb (ft Joshua Kit Clayton)
7. Aperture (ft Crunk Coco)
8. Overture
9. Ends (remix of clipping.)

Mixed by Jonathan Snipes of clipping.

This cassette comes with a DL card.


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