KA5SH 'big pink loser' cassette
KA5SH 'big pink loser' cassette

KA5SH 'big pink loser' cassette

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After winning all of our hearts with his song "I'm Depressed" (all of us including his new best friend Frank Ocean), KA5SH is back with his new project 'Big Pink Loser'. More melodic, more emo, more overblown, more ecstatic, more pink, more loserish than his previous cassette on Deathbomb Arc, there is no better way to explain this brilliant collection of songs than in KA5SH's own words:

Statement from the artists' IG
"WHATS UP GUYS my new project BIG PINK LOSER is out now and it means a lot to me if you listened to it I know a lot of y’all found me from random ass shit or videos I’ve been in and not a lot of you know I even make music but I think this project is a great way for you to dive into my world me and yungskrrt really worked hard on this shit and idk I like to think I make like super real ass music. This whole project is about this Time I got a big ass check and blew through it immediately and like all the dumb shit I did having money and like not having money girl problems I had during that time and also struggles I had with comparing myself to everyone else around me. There are times I’m super frustrated with music and shit bc I see people I know are like lying and faking like their rich and famous and shit and flexing rented cars and shit and seeing people fall for it and I’m like wondering if that’s the way I should go to come up out here?? Is that the move just pretend I’m balling and shit when I’m not? Idkkk I just really hope this shit resonates with someone bc if people don’t fuck with this shit idk what ima do I’m so tired of having label meetings and shit and like they fuck with me but want me to have a billion views already in order to sign me or something I just want this to work and mean something ily guys so much even the new folks if you’re here"