CAPTAIN AHAB 'after the rain my heart still dreams' cd

CAPTAIN AHAB 'after the rain my heart still dreams' cd

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The first true "hit" album on Deathbomb Arc, the 2nd full length from Jonathan Snipes' dance pop project Captain Ahab. Originally released in 2006, this conceptual coming-of-age album is just as much fun as it is disturbing. For the 13th anniversary, we're finally making this classic available on the Deathbomb bandcamp for the first time ever!!

Original 2006 description:
After a half-decade of Captain Ahab destroying crowds in Los Angeles with their anything goes "no electronic genre left behind" style, there is a definitive release to bring the insanity home. High in concept, poor in taste, and drowning in a jrn highschool girl's dreams, After the Rain My Heart Still Dreams is an epic tale of rebellion. A rebellion completely lacking in nobility and morality about learning to shave your snatch, steal a man, and show off your light-up sneakers. Captain Ahab's music has been featured in films Snakes on a Plane & Wrong Turn 2 and the tv show The Office.