various artists 'ARC MOUNTAIN' cd
various artists 'ARC MOUNTAIN' cd

various artists 'ARC MOUNTAIN' cd

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Arc Mountain is the first release created through collaboration between the artists of the LA-based label Deathbomb Arc and the Chicago-based label Hausu Mountain. The album came to life over the course of more than three years of preparation, recording, and communication between the labels’ respective rosters mediated by the curatorial efforts of the label honchos. Both institutions have dedicated themselves to showcasing experimental strains of underground music, cultivating families of forward-thinking artists who defy easy categorization and funnel the tropes of an untold inventory of disparate genres into their idiosyncratic, highly personal output. Brian Miller established Deathbomb Arc in 1998, and the label has since grown into a bastion of adventurous sound that bridges the gaps between hip-hop, noise, industrial music, and innumerable flavors of “pop” — among many other styles. Since founding Hausu Mountain in 2012, Doug Kaplan and Max Allison have built a catalog that aims to both challenge and entertain their listeners in equal measure with forays into catch-all electronic beat production, labyrinthine prog, ambient drift, and free improvisation — to name just a few of their interests. 

The label founders approached Arc Mountain from a curatorial perspective intent on rising above the ranks of a grab-bag “compilation” to pursue a cohesive album-length statement in which each artist links up with collaborators who complement their styles and push each other’s ideas to unprecedented new peaks. With a few notable exceptions, DBA artists provided vocals for each track, while HausMo artists took on the role of production. The DBA camp features Jonathan Snipes of Clipping., Dos Monos, White Boy Scream, Fielded, SB The Moor, They Hate Change, Angry Blackmen, J Fisher, Margot Padilla, George Chen, Cooling Prongs, Strega Beata, and Sarn. The artists from the HausMo roster include Fire-Toolz, Khaki Blazer, Dustin Wong, RXM Reality, TALsounds, Mukqs, MrDougDoug, and Davey Harms.



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