PHONODELICA 'hidden assemblages' cassette
PHONODELICA 'hidden assemblages' cassette

PHONODELICA 'hidden assemblages' cassette

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HIDDEN ASSEMBLAGES is the first album from PHONODELICA in a trilogy highlighting the different sides of the artist's spirituality and sexuality as a queer Egyptian-Palestinian woman of Muslim heritage, both light and dark. This work unpacks the isolation and trauma of Islamophobia in all its forms while critiquing the racism that plagues all Arab and Muslim communities and celebrating the Black-Palestinian solidarity movements.

Phonodelica is Donia Jarrar. See below for full album credits.

Available on cassette for the first time ever! Pro-dubbed on frosted cassettes w/ full color artwork.

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All tracks Written, Performed and Produced by Donia Jarrar 
Piano on tracks 1,3,6,7- Donia Jarrar 

with additional performances by: 
Carolyn Michelle Smith (vocals on 2 & 3) 
Fawzia Mirza (speech on 3) 
Special Thanks goes out to Fawzia Mirza and Tchaiko Omawale.

The University of Michigan Symphony (live orchestral recording on 4) 
Donia Jarrar - Solo vocals on 4 
Donia Jarrar - Orchestration and Arrangements on 4. 

Performance Credits for A Deep, Unbridled Joy (large ensemble on 5) 
Choir: Tanner Porter, Dory Mead, Paolo Debuque, Samuel Kidd 
Violins: Grace Kawamura and Anita Dumar 
Viola: Erin Napier 
Cello: Julia Knowles 
Bass: Tommy Hawthorne 

Percussion: Julian Bridges and Ian Lang 

Piano: Melissa Coppola 

Flute: Anna Thompson 
Clarinet: Kelsey Stewart 
Oboe: Kinsey Fournier 
Bassoon: Maddy Wildman 
Donia Jarrar (field recordings, original sampling, percussion, piano on 6) 
Freya Aquarone (saxophone improvisation and co-production on 6) 
Khaleel Abu-Ain (bass on 6)