ANGRY BLACKMEN 'reality! / headshots!' 12" vinyl
ANGRY BLACKMEN 'reality! / headshots!' 12" vinyl
ANGRY BLACKMEN 'reality! / headshots!' 12" vinyl

ANGRY BLACKMEN 'reality! / headshots!' 12" vinyl

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Combining both the 'REALITY!' and 'HEADSHOTS!' eps by Angry Blackmen into a double A-side vinyl 12", this monumental release is the duo's first time on wax!!! 

Original release descriptions:
The name Angry Blackmen is deceptively simple. Not merely a statement of being, these words lay on the table, bare bones, exactly what white America says Blacks should not be; the fake sin that racists constantly accuse Blacks of committing. Yet these words are not phrased as a threat nor with any cursing. Anger is a natural human emotion and this name just states that gently and straightforwardly. The sad irony is, any display of this natural human emotion is what white supremacists cite as to why Blacks don't deserve to be granted humanity. The question here though is: Will you hear the music of Angry Blackmen as a threat or gentle explanation of the truth? Or perhaps as both and neither at the same time - artists are tricky that way. The absurdity of this situation is grim, and Angry Blackmen are experts at explaining this to us in deceptively simple terms.

Angry Blackmen return with their 2nd ep for Deathbomb Arc. Working with Formants on production, the insistent and propulsive ABM sound you love to escalated into a realm of futurist sounds; a sound that fits perfectly with 'REALITY!'s theme of being trapped in the matrix.

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If you are a Deathbomb 5th wave subscriber, this will be included as your 9th release.