CAPTAIN AHAB 'the sex is next' cd

CAPTAIN AHAB 'the sex is next' cd

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Debut album from the king of the dancefloor. Including classics such as "In The Garden" and "Make a Wish", this album is an absolute must for any Captain Ahab and/or Deathbomb fans. Hear how it all began (sorta)!!!

track listing:

1. Ahab Bass
2. Old Skool Feeva
3. Music Makes Me
4. Trapped in Paradise
5. I Can’t Believe (feat. vocals by Catherine Talton)
6. Maybe You and I
7. Blind Love
8. In the Garden
9. Make You Love Me
10. Do You Remember?
11. Make a Wish! (feat. vocals by Neil Schuh)
12. The Canvas of Love