ED BALLOON 'no smoking' cd
ED BALLOON 'no smoking' cd

ED BALLOON 'no smoking' cd

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Every once in a while we come across a new artist that just completely makes us stop in our tracks. This was true for clipping., Signor Benedick The Moor, and now Ed Balloon. Don't hesitate on this incredible ep!

“I’m like a balloon. I float over b.s.”

…with this statement, Ed Balloon elegantly sums up the power in his approach to song crafting. Through simplicity he finds honesty. Through honesty he creates joy and an undeniable energy for dance. There is no unnecessary sheen here. Nothing said that does not need to be said. Melodies are allowed to pop forth with a rawness that breathes life in a manner very different than the typical club track. Both the lyrics the arrangements only say what need to be said, and nothing more. The sound is light, just like a balloon. It is unafraid to be vulnerable. That is the power of Ed Balloon.

American born and of Nigerian descent, Ed Balloon is a long time resident of Boston. His hometown, heritage, and upbringing in music all play important roles in developing the Ed Balloon sound. It is his passion for honesty and dreams of perfection that refine his diverse background into something simple, something celebratory. His music is fun, but without being naive. There is a deep sense of cool infused through the joy.

Pro-pressed cd in eco-friendly full color wallet-style packaging.