MY HEART, AN INVERTED FLAME & BANSHEE 8" lathe cut picture disc
MY HEART, AN INVERTED FLAME & BANSHEE 8" lathe cut picture disc

MY HEART, AN INVERTED FLAME & BANSHEE 8" lathe cut picture disc

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A gloriously unnatural union. A mutual appreciation forged in sound. Long enamored with the enigmatic Banshee, MHAIF requested a sonic alliance, and were presented with a set of vokills both harsh and haunting, a harrowing, emotional autopsy of raw, unfettered, patriarchal subversion, given life as true-hearted epic black metal worship, albeit with a uniquely modern skew - a ghoulish/girlish shriek rife with kultish mystery and smoldering fury. MHAIF then endeavored to create an appropriately ferocious and feral setting for that singular, savage voice, adding atmospheric heft in pursuit of an appropriately punishing delivery method for Banshee's howled screed, culminating in “The Blood of the Heartless (Detritus)” - a pummeling and provocative, brutal and nuanced exploration of modern sonic extremity.

My Heart, an Inverted Flame, the synth-doom duo of Andee Connors (A Minor Forest, Common Eider, King Eider) and Marc Kate (I Am Spoonbender, Never Knows) eschew traditional doom weaponry (i.e. guitar and bass) entirely, to generate something at once doom-adjacent, but at the same time, wholly other: a series of devastatingly heavy, seismic rituals conjured up via Connors' caveman-crush drumming and Kate's blown out, wall-of-sound synthesizers. The result: an art-damaged, cosmos-destroying, wildly psychedelic rite of dolorous droning dirgery, churning, black hole heaviness and sublime, cinematic annihilation.

Lathe cuts are hand cut records for your turntable. They are cut, not pressed, and made with a harder material than a normal record. The sound quality is not as hight as regular vinyl and the deterioration rate is faster. These are art objects made in a punk manner and not necessarily for everyone. 

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