BBBBBBB 'positive violence' cassette
BBBBBBB 'positive violence' cassette

BBBBBBB 'positive violence' cassette

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Bandcamp edition here.

As close to the sound of being electrocuted as possible, BBBBBBB from Okazaki, Japan recklessly shred all genres into pure energy turning them into some of the noisiest hyper-hardcore to scorch the planet. On the heels of their manic single "SHIN GOD", BBBBBBB unleash an electronic hardcore sound of pure fury, with relentless walls of noise propelled by undercurrents of manic rhythm and panic attack level vocals. No one can stand in the way without feeling the love of their 'Positive Violence'.

This trio will be releasing their 2nd album, 'Positive Violence', on Deathbomb Arc on August 11th ~ their 2nd release for the label, via cassette and bandcamp.

This release does not come with a download code.

If you are a Deathbomb 7th wave subscriber, this will be included as your 8th release