JONATHAN SNIPES 'mope' cassette
JONATHAN SNIPES 'mope' cassette
JONATHAN SNIPES 'mope' cassette

JONATHAN SNIPES 'mope' cassette

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Composer Jonathan Snipes has the outstanding ability to create music from a few distinct, recognizable audio sandboxes and end up with something that sounds unlike any of the sources. For his soundtrack to the film 'MOPE', opera, synth pop, and the classic porno soundtrack are all pulled from. In the end we're given pure Snipes though. Much like his notorious trio Clipping (Sub Pop) pull from noise & hip hop and molds a sound that can only be called their own, 'MOPE' once again shows that all of Snipes' film scores ('Room 237', 'Starry Eyes', 'The Nightmare', etc) live in worlds truly their own. It is nice to hear Snipes step away from horror appropriate soundtracks though. He does shine just as well when being silly and horny.

This cassette comes with a download card.

If you are a Deathbomb subscriber, this will be your 5th movie sent to you.