XIN SEHA 'airway' cassette

XIN SEHA 'airway' cassette

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Hailing from Seoul, Korea, Xin Seha's minimalist style of soul and pop is as fashionable as it is raw. Clever and subtle use of space, along with a charm that is completely his own, makes Xin Seha an important voice in contemporary Korean and global soul.

This cassette is a deluxe reissue of a tape originally released only in Korea. It adds three new tracks not on the original version, including "Time" which has a music video below.

There are three color variants for this release, blue, red, and green. The audio is the same on each.

This cassette does not come with a DL code.



A1. The Wall

A2. 뱉어내자 Spit it Out

A3. 허튼 Slow

A4. 5 Hours

B1. Yu :

B2. (24-25)

B3. 왠지 Time

B4. Baan