GRYPT 'gryptest hits' pro-CDr

GRYPT 'gryptest hits' pro-CDr

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Limited to 100 copies (38 remaining)
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As the door to the GRYPT crypt slowly creeps open, the ancient cry of their most popular digital singles curses your ears with one demand, "Release us on physical!" So, Deathbomb has obliged with a collection of 11 classics and one brand new hit... not just greatest hits, but GRYPTEST hits! Let both elder gods and faithless frauds alike proclaim, "CDs are back, baby!" with these spells of cyberhorror and neongoth. Entirely remastered. Professionally manufactured CDrs in full color jackets with two full color stickers.

1. Tonight You Die
2. The Iris
3. The Cost of Living
4. Terrible Fish
5. Re-Creation
6. Hatefuck
7. Flesh Garment
8. Firelighter
9. Coven
10. Brown + Orange Streaks
11. Arbitrary Dates
12. Body & Blood (GRYPT remix of clipping.)


If you are a Deathbomb 8th wave subscriber, this will be included as your 7th release.