TONY RIPARETTI 'crazy six (original motion picture soundtrack)' 12"
TONY RIPARETTI 'crazy six (original motion picture soundtrack)' 12"
TONY RIPARETTI 'crazy six (original motion picture soundtrack)' 12"

TONY RIPARETTI 'crazy six (original motion picture soundtrack)' 12"

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- Regular edition limited to 250 copies (5 remaining)
- Bundle w/ Jonathan Snipes 'Glitch in the Matrix' 12" &T Tony Riparetti 'The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper' pro-CDr. (0 remaining)

Bandcamp version available here.

Known best for his work scoring the majority of Albert Pyun's films, Tony Riparetti has always blended elements of new wave synth and guitars, and soaring drums into his compositions for a signature sound integral to Pyun's style. Deathbomb Arc is very excited to present the score to 'Crazy Six' (1997) to the world for the first time ever - on both vinyl and digital formats. The sound sets the tone for this extremely 90s slice of action, bathed in dream-like, melodramatic eroticism.

Includes lead vocals from  Samantha Newark aka the voice of JEM from the 80s cartoon 'JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS'!!!!

The first 50 copies of the vinyl edition includes a bonus pro-CDr of Riparetti's score to the Albert Pyun film 'The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper' (2014).

About the film:
The Eastern Bloc has fallen and Communism is dead. In its place has come new opportunity's - but not without a deadly price. Powerful Mafia families have emerged from the anarchy to compete for the lucrative underground weapons and technology trade. Lowlife drug addict Billie aka Crazy Six (Lowe) and Arabic-French gangster Mao (Mario Van Peebles) are the leaders of two rivalling mob families, who agree to form an uneasy alliance in order to overthrow drug lord Raul (Ice-T). However, when Mao double crosses him, Crazy Six finds himself on the run from the Mafia, with a US federal agent (Reynolds) as his only ally.

Songs written and produced by:
Tony Riparetti
Steve Le Gassick
Michael Price

Samantha Newark - Vocals
Tony Riparetti- Guitars, Keys
Steve Le Gassick- Keys
Jakub Jerzy Omsky - Cello

Art by Albert Reyes
Mastered by Thomas Dimuzio


If you are a Deathbomb 4th Wave subscriber, this will be included as your 1st release. 'The Interrogation of Cheryl Cooper' will also be included as a free bonus item.