DEATHBOMB SUBSCRIPTION - 2023 & 2024 / wave 8

DEATHBOMB SUBSCRIPTION - 2023 & 2024 / wave 8

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For a limited number of fans, we offer subscriptions to our physical releases, so you don't miss a thing.  Plus so you can save money getting them at a discounted rate. 

This includes all vinyl, cd, and cassette releases.

Our most recent subscribers not only got 10 releases, but a bonus release as well! What will wave 8 subscribers get? That is still a secret, but we can promise that early announcements will include a vinyl release and a cassette release from two different beloved Deathbomb hip hop acts!

All prices include shipping costs and get you a hefty discount! At the end of the run, you'll roughly be getting a massive 75% off discount by subscribing.

Items are bundled and shipped together, so there is some wait to get your releases, fyi.

Subscriptions only available until Nov 5th.

More details:
- We are not taking any international subscribers atm
- Items will be shipped media mail in the US
- You will NOT receive any merch items such as tees
- Any other items ordered with your subscription will wait to ship with your first subscriber installment
- If an item comes with a DL code, you will receive it on a card with your physical shipment
- In the rare case that we release an album on multiple physical formats (such as both cassette and vinyl), you will receive all said formats and they will count as multiple items towards your 10
- Subscriptions cannot be canceled or refunded
- On rare occasion we release ultra-limited items that are not included in the subscription.
- If you need to change your shipping address or need any help at anytime, just email