GEORGE CHEN 'word origami [deluxe edition]' double cassette
GEORGE CHEN 'word origami [deluxe edition]' double cassette

GEORGE CHEN 'word origami [deluxe edition]' double cassette

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Deathbomb Arc's first ever comedy album! LA stand up artist George Chen, who hosts the monthly comedy night at Giant Robot, reissues his debut album 'Word Origami' in deluxe edition, adding remixes from more people than in attendance to the show this was recorded at. Contributors include members of Deerhoof, clipping., True Neutral Crew, and tons of noise & electronic legends. George has also added 10 new minutes of stand up which pretty much is entirely jokes about 3D printers. Hey, we know you're laughing at Deathbomb releases anyway, so we figured it was about time to give you what you want.

This is a double cassette release, nearly 2 hours of material. Comes with a DL card.

Track listing:
1. Word Origami - Leap Day 2016
2. DeadFriendRequest (MALOCCULSION remix)
3. Word Origami Trifold (MUKQS remix)
4. Silver Ferret (MARGOT PADILLA remix)
5. Crumpled Notes (MIKE SHIFLET remix)
6. Soyuz1 (JONATHAN SNIPES remix)
7. Celestial Mechanics on Fire (CONSCIOUS SUMMARY remix)
8. 022916 (Dyglc) (SPENCER OWEN remix)
9. Less Than Idle Chatter (COOLING PRONGS remix)
10. The Master (ED RODRIGUEZ and JOHN DIETERICH remix)
11. Red Bull Space (FUTURE/HUNTER remix)
12. Monday Night Live (DEREK GAINES remix)
13. Greg Saunier vs. George Chen (GREG SAUNIER remix)4
14. Friending of the 5000/Feral (for OhMiBod Vibrator and Tuning Forks in G and C) (WILLIAM HUTSON remix)
15. Word Origami Remix (HEADBOGGLE AND PARTY remix)
16. Jokland (CHAKI remix)
17. Word Origami Remix (ZACHARY JAMES WATKINS remix)
18. Friendship Buddies 8-26-18 LA
19. ChenMix (STEVEN SANTA MARIA remix)