ROBEDOOR 'negative legacy' 12" vinyl
ROBEDOOR 'negative legacy' 12" vinyl

ROBEDOOR 'negative legacy' 12" vinyl

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DBA204 - Vinyl version
Available editions:
- Regular vinyl w/ DL code (Limited to 500 / 343 remaining)
- Autographed vinyl w/ DL code (Limited to 6 / 3 remaining)
- Autographed vinyl w/ poster & DL code (Limited to 4 / 1 remaining)
- Autographed test pressing w/ Autographed vinyl, poster, & DL code (Limited to 6 / 3 remaining)

Digital available at: Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify

The filthiest of dungeon crawling synth-noise acts has returned. Let the universe howl in despair, Robedoor is delivering to us their 'Negative Legacy'. This is the duo's 1st full length album for Deathbomb Arc, on the heels of decades worth of one offs and comp tracks for the label (including a collaboration with Grammy and Tony winning member of clipping, Daveed Diggs). On 'Negative Legacy', Robedoor dive deeper into murky beats than they ever have before, while introducing a new element of melodic vocals to resonate through their unlit caves of hopelessness. Let the dark eternity begin.

Black vinyl with reverse card stock jackets and insert.