TRUE NEUTRAL CREW 'softer' 12"
TRUE NEUTRAL CREW 'softer' 12"

TRUE NEUTRAL CREW 'softer' 12"

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Limited to 300 copies (13 remaining)
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A collection of previous released tracks recorded by the hip hop ensemble True Neutral Crew, pulled from their various releases including 'Soft Rules', '#POPPUNK', '#MONSANTO', and various singles/comp tracks. This collection created for the first ever True Neutral Crew vinyl release

1. When the song is done (Brian Miller & SB The Moor)
2. More a kid (Daveed Diggs, Hareld, Margot Padilla, & SHADI)
3. Secrets (Brian Miller, SB The Moor, & Yo!)
4. Monotheism (Shine like my car) [They Hate Change & SB The Moor]
5. Catacombs (Brittany Love, Hareld, & Margot Padilla)
6. Monsanto (Brian Miller, Daveed Diggs, & Margot Padilla)
7. Who else could I be? (Brian Miller, diss1, Lauren Bousfield, & SB The Moor)
8. Modern art (Brian Miller, Daveed Diggs, & SB The Moor)
9. Call on the herd (Brian Miller)
10. Can't stop loving you (Algodon Egipcio, Brian Miller, & Margot Padilla)

Please note: The packaging will have a handmade touch, so each record will be slightly different than the other.

If you are a Deathbomb 6th wave subscriber, this will be included as your 4th release.